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When microgeneration, millenials and Generation Z meet, this describes Empower Brands.

We focus on experience, but don't forget about trends. Marketing and sales excite us every day. The increasingly fast and agile world of marketing makes the industry exciting. Above all, the digital world today offers everyone the chance to position their products and services worldwide. We have turned our passion into our profession and want to help companies strengthen their brands and be their compass in the jungle of the digital marketing world.

We live the idea of an interactive working atmosphere. That's why the close exchange with our customers, employees and target groups is an essential component of our working philosophy.

We scale your business with our expertise, strategies, graphics, websites and paid ads!

Empower Brands

Daniel Djukic


Even as a young boy, Daniel knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur one day. Already at the age of 13, he drew the first construction projects that he would sell "one day". After graduating from high school, he decided to go straight into business. After a few well-known stations like LKW Walter and Shell, Daniel made a cut and plunged into the business of the marketing world. By discovering the talent in sales in his jobs, Daniel constantly promoted his talent in this area and is responsible for customer acquisition and partner support for Empower Brands. You probably also came to Empower Brands through Daniel.

Dominik Djukic


Ole...Ole...Ole Dominik is our absolute soccer fan. Already in his youth he was involved in competitive sports and even managed the promotion to the 2nd Austrian Bundesliga. #Flex Until...yes until the passion of marketing became so big that he decided to dedicate himself completely to the subject after completing his studies at the University of Innsbruck with a specialization in retail marketing and business management. In the course of this Dominik gained important experience at BMW-Austria and Keyence International in the field of marketing and business development. In doing so, Dominik specialized in the area of performance marketing, which is clearly part of his expertise.

For Daniel and Dominik, a childhood wish has come true. Even as brothers who were constantly at loggerheads, it was their own wish to found a company together and thus really take off together as brothers.

It's hard to find things that won't sell online.

Jeff Bezos

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